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New Course – Cattle Artificial Insemination On Line Theory Course

A new course being offered by All State Agricultural Service.  This course is professionally presented by eCoach, an online training software company.

This is a comprehensive detailed theory course covering all aspects of Cattle Artificial Insemination and much more.  The course combines written theory & instructional videos combined with practical advice and quiz.

Subjects covered include

History of Artificial Insemination in Cattle

Reproductive Anatomy of the Bull and the Cow

The Oestrus Cycle – Heat Detection in Cattle

A.I. Gun Loading

Insemination Technique

Herd Management & Record Keeping

Synchronisation Programs for Cattle

Reproductive Diseases & Disorders

Nutrition & Reproduction

Pregnancy Testing in Cattle

The course cost is $200 plus GST.  If you decide to complete the practical component at one of our group courses at a later date, the cost for the practical sessions will be $200 plus GST.

Once you book this course, you will be emailed an enrolment which will allow you to complete the course at your own pace over a 2 week period.  On successful completion of the course a training manual in hard copy will be posted to you, along with your certificate.

A certificate will be issued at the successful completion of this on line course.


Deposit Start Date End Date Location  
$220 1st 1st January 1970 All Areas
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