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Cattle Ultrasound Training Course Using The Repro-Scan 200

Cattle Ultrasound Training Courses using the the Repro-Scan 200.

WAGGA WAGGA  25th & 26th June 2015  –  limited vacancies available.

The Repro-Scan ultrasound equipment is a breakthrough in ultrasound pregnancy testing of cows. For further information on the Repro-Scan visit www.repro-scan.com

The Repro-Scan 200 is a very robust unit designed for “in the yards” use. It’s rugged and easy to use features make it ideally suited for the beef and dairy producer. The 4.0Hz convex probe gives greater depth and field of view of the uterus, which emables quick and easy detection of the pregnancy. It is powered by either a 240V AC adapter or 12v DC batteries with the option of a view monitor or goggles.

The Repro-Scan Ultrasound Pregnancy Testing Training Courses will be conducted on a group basis – 7 students maximum and various locations. On your own farm training courses will also be available. Courses will be conducted over 2 days and will cover both theory & practical. A training manual will be provided and a certificate issued on the completion of the course.

The following courses will be held in conjunction with manual pregnancy testing training.

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