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Diy Pregnancy Testing By Blood Sample

Safe and convenient way to detect pregnancy in your herd.

Test 30 days after joining

Simple to use

  • Collect blood from animal tail
  • Label Sample
  • Ship sample to Lab via Australia Post.

The test measures Pregnancy Specific Protein B (PSPB in the blood system. PSPB is a protein present in the placenta.

The report is available within 27 hours of the laboratory in Canberra receiving the sample.

You can test and post to the Lab – 1 to 1000+ cows.

95% Accuracy on Pregnant Cows

99% Accurate on Empty cows – this is a yes/no test (false positive results usually occur if the embryo dies, this could be at or after sampling time or testing)

The kit involves pre-paid Laboratory testing – so there is no extra cost involved!

All State Agricultural Service can conduct the collection of blood/sampling for you if required.

We have been using and testing this easy DIY pregnancy testing over the last 12 months and have found it to be accurate, simple and safe.

The kits can be purchased in a pack of 10 or can be purchased individually at a bulk rate. $5.00 per test.